Ellinicon 3: Floor heating installed for all apartments

May 31 2017

Floor heating has been installed for all Ellinicon 3 apartments:

It included the following stages:

    1. A 5mm thick Isolfon ReRub 750S/05 R soundproofing membrane was applied in all bedrooms. This membrane protects against knocking and airborne sounds from other properties inside the building. Furthermore, soundproofed drainage tubing has been installed throughout the building.
    1. Installation of a 4cm thick thermal insulation so that the heat is only directed upwards.
    1. Covering all apartment floors with OVENTROP’s pipes and Cofloor base mat system.
    1. Covering of the piping with thermal concrete. Thermal concrete is the final layer upon which the hardwood floors (oak, owner’s color of choice) or granite tiles (for bathrooms and kitchens) will be laid.