From the conception of the new building to its handover, the Axiacon construction management company in Athens, Greece with its professional team of construction management consultants offers a wide range of building services, interior design solutions and architectural engineering consulting for the successful implementation of projects.

Through the entire process, from the design phase to the completion of a new residence, this innovative firm provides investment consulting, planning, building and maintenance services as well as tax and legal support services for all construction works ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.


The construction of a house is a demanding project that starts with the building permit and ends with the completion of the project.

AXIACON ‘s team of engineers, can ensure that the best choices have been made in order for the final result to be of the highest standards withing the given budget and time frame.


Using bold architectural elements, innovative materials and pioneering technologies, the architects of AXIACON, succeed in designing buildings of high aesthetics and exemplary functionality, and therefor transforming a typical house to an ideal living environment.


Due to the extended experience of the people of AXIACON, the company can offer real estate suggestions and consulting.

ΑΧΙΑCON is helping the interested investors to move forward with their real estate investments insuring the lowest risk rate, with architectural, construction, mechanical and feasibility studies conducted separately for each individual property and construction.


The high quality services AXIACON offers are of vital importance. Therefore, the company continues to offer to all its clients full after sale support.
This commitment enhances the company ‘s belief regarding the qualitative efficiency and service development throughout a building’s lifespan.


AXIACON construction company provides tax & legal support services tailored to the unique needs of each individual client to assist all clients to efficiently carry out all issues relevant to the construction and acquisition of a new home.