What else do people have to win in their lives but the ‘Joy of Life’?

We believe that the true joy in life is found in every worthy creation. A building to be more specific in our case, is considered worthy when it offers innovation, functionality and safety, while it completely satisfies its owner.

AXIACON applies its principles, concepts and values, ensuring the construction’s complete success to the very last detail.

It may sound a bit strange to talk about ‘principles’ ‘concepts’ and ‘values’ in the construction industry, but this is exactly the ‘very secret’ of AXIACON’s success, a secret which the more it is revealed the more essential it gets.

The inspirational design, the qualitative construction and the satisfied Owner, constitute our real Joy and “Profit”!


Excellent architectural design & aesthetics

Minimalism and rough lines are basic elements that describe AXIACON’s buildings. With the use of clear rectangular shapes, simple or more complex geometrical figures are created that  emphasize the three dimensional development of space, while the use of different materials on a simple surface is avoided. Every opening is strategically located, taking into account its aesthetics and the functionality of each space individually and all of them as a whole, as it functions as a unification factor between the indoor and outdoor environment. The dominant use of visible reinforced concrete and white external surfaces, makes supplementary elements made of glass or metal come forth in the frontage of the building. The landscape follows also the same minimal approach with use of short and tall plants that emphasize the linear water surfaces.

A+ Energy Efficient Buildings

AXIACON, since 2016, has the experience of building houses of A+ Energy Class.
The advantages of this option are now tangible and measurable:

• Economic benefit from the installation of photovoltaic systems (power generation).
• Functional and Quality benefit from the upgrade of construction materials.
• Long-term benefit in investment value.

Eevaluating the above, AXIACON established, from 2019 onwards, the highest Energy Class A+ in all the Residential Buildings that it constructs, regardless of the construction area of ​​the Project.


AXIACON focuses on the construction of low energy buildings.

With the installation of an external insulation by the German company STO, energy-efficient windows and door frames and the use of autonomous heat pumps, we manage to lower the energy cost up to 70%

The energy produced by the photovoltaic panels can support all the use of common electricity needs as well as the Warm Water used by the residents.

Reinforcements Against Earthquakes

Modern technology, new materials and construction methods allow us to construct buildings that keep their residents safe from earthquakes. Taking that into account, AXIACON constructs building  using:

  • the proper foundation,
  • the ideal framework,
  • approved steel Β500c,
  • antiseismic THORAX,
  • the highest quality of reinforced concrete (C30-37) for buildings and
  • ideal concreting conditions

Ecological Conscience

As the construction of buildings forms our living environment, it also has a big impact on the environmental problems we face today. This is the reason why AXIACON pays special attention to the materials it uses and their implementation, as well as to the landscape design. Therefore AXIACON can offer the best solutions regarding the building location and orientation, in order to develop a healthy and pleasant living environment for the residents.

Quality Dossier

Τhis individual file for each apartment, is a valuable record regarding the building’ s construction.

Quality Dossier includes:

  • Licences,
  • Blueprints
  • Contracts,
  • Certifications,
  • Guarrantees,
  • Material description,
  • Crew records
  • Device maintenance table

It is the manual for the operation and maintenance of the building, and proof of respect to the owners, probably unique in the field of private construction.