Ellinicon 3: An A+ energy efficient apartment building

Ellinicon 3: A new A+ energy efficient apartment building

In Kato Hellinikon suburb, at 28 Proti str., in a short distance from the Agios Kosmas beach and its public sporting center, ‘ΕLLINICON 3” is being built.

It is the 3rd Complex of Houses our company is constructing in this area, which is an excellent proposal for permanent residence, as:

  • They are built in a clearly residential area with abundant trees and buildings of high aesthetic value.
  • The new complex is of an equal aesthetic value with that of ‘ELLINICON 2’ (23, Proti str.) with a very good orientation and view to the sea of Saronikos. All the apartments function independently and are energy autonomous.

It is a construction with high anti-seismic protection, environmentally friendly, having achieved the highest energy efficiency rating A+, and introducing many other ecological novelties, that minimize (reducing) the operational cost of the building.

Ellinicon 3 , representing Greece, has received an award in the EUROPEAN PROPERTY AWARDS, for its A+ Energy Class and its pioneering design in the block of flats category. Read more here.

More detailed information about the project can be found at the E3 brochure.

Team & Associates

Architect: Thanasis Hoclidakis

Structural Engineers: Vagelis Fileris – Aggeliki ΓεωρGeorgaki

Mechanical Engineers: Nikos Gonis – Pan. & Kon. Malavazos

Surveying Engineer: Dimitris Papadokotsolis

Landscape Architect: Nicol Ridley

Visual Artist: Fotini Gouseti

Site Engineers

Site supervisor: Panagiotis Moustakas,

Quality control – Safety: Alexandros Kiratzis,

Project Manager

George Kiratzis, Civil Engineer

Financial Services

Sotiris Gousetis, Apostolos Kiratzis, Dimitris Gemouhidis

Design approach

The design has been influenced by three key features:

Energy strategy, a sea view, and privacy.

The deductive design is true to the blending of the above features, combining cutting edge technology and the use of innovative materials, thus offering the users the residence of the future.

The bedrooms are situated at the building’s facade facing Protis street, and are divided by a vertical structural framework, thus allowing for individual balconies for each one. Furthermore, they are protected from the environment by moving and sliding privacy blinds at the users will, interactively changing the building’s face.

In the surrounding space there are alternating hard surfaces with cement plaster and setts, and soft surfaces with water elements, and low-water demand planting.

Ellinicon 3

See the 3D rendering of Ellinicon 3 at the left and the completed project on the right

How A+ Energy Class is achieved

The new four-storeyed block of flats “ELLINICON 3” which is being built in the suburb of Kato Hellinikon, at 28, Proti str. is an exemplary building, rated for its energy efficiency at the highest possible class A+, according to the Regulation on the Energy Performance of Buildings (REPB)
AXIACON’s main policy for its energy efficient design was:
• the reduction of energy requirements concerning the heating/cooling and water heating systems,
• covering the energy loads through high performance systems and the use of renewable energy sources.

In the ‘ELLINICON 3’ construction, A+ rating is achieved by:

  • The installation of solar panels which cover the needs of all tenants concerning water heating and also the electricity consumption of the utilities.

  • The construction of a 10cm thick thermal façade running the whole shell of the building.

  • The installation of aluminum window frames with high heat insulation and glass panes with membranes of low emission.

  • The installation of autonomous heat pumps of low temperatures of an underfloor heating/cooling system for every apartment.


Energy Class A+

• External Warmshell

• Advanced Heating – Cooling System

• Photovoltaics Installation – Net Μetering – 5,25 kw

Excellent Safety Against Earthquakes

• Concrete C30/37 INTERBETON A.E. (TITAN)

• Reinforcement – Antiseismic THORAX BITROS Holdings S.A.

• Concrete quality inspection by the official laboratory of the Ministry of Environment and Energy

Distinctive Construction Features

• Demolition – Recycling – Excavation

• Masonry – Plumbing – Electrical Installations with Certified Products

• Guaranteed Terrace Water-Insulation

• Bedroom Floor and Pipe Soundproofing


• Fire Protection Systems Safety & Fire Safety Doors

• Phase Controller – Foundational Grounding – Alarm Network

• Project Insurance – Employers’ Safety

Supply Networks

• Main Engineering Shaft

• Main Water Filter for Each Apartment

• Three-phase Εlectric Power inflow (3×35), with prediction for Residential Night Tariff

• Prediction for Future Supplies

Additional Energy Measures - Ecological Consequence

• Construction of a Rainwater Tank

• Electric Car Power Supply

• Eco-Friendly Bioethanol Fireplaces

• Kleemman Elevator, Faster, More Economic, Automatic Doors

• Low Consumption Light Bulbs, and Motion Sensors

• Materials Recycling – Replanting Plants – Garden that Requires Little Water

Quality Dossier

• Detailed Construction Archive

• Construction Teams – Guarantees for Materials and the Project

• Full Mailing Archive of the Project

• Operation and Maintenance Guide for the Building


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Apartment building, basement, ground floor and three storeys. 28 First Str., Ellinicon, Athens, Greece