Our Philosophy

What else do people have to win in their lives but the ‘Joy of Life’?

We believe that the true joy in life is found in every worthy creation and, in our case, in every worthy building. ‘Worthy’ entails ‘the right quality of the necessary quantity at a fair value’.

‘AXIACON’ of today is the evolution of the ‘ALPHADOM Construction Company’, which was born after our brave decision and commitment to integrity and quality in constructions, while creating and maintaining an honest and transparent relation with the future owners.

Through our multiple and various experiences, the company has grown bigger and has been upgraded, gradually assembling many qualified partners, so as to master the full range of the A/D/C process. This way we have been able to apply even to the slightest detail our principles, concepts and values, despite the many difficulties the building industry faces especially in our challenging times.

It may sound a bit strange to talk about ‘principles’ ‘concepts’ and ‘values’ in the construction industry, but this is exactly the ‘very secret’ of AXIACON’s success, a secret which the more it is revealed the more mysterious it gets.

The proof: the fact that we have reached today the A+ assessment for this modern energy efficient building (ε3), meeting even the most demanding specs for the highest level of the international energy performance specifications.

Moreover, by adding our own ‘spirit’, we continue upgrading our buildings through high quality specs of modern bioclimatic/energy design and technology.

So, for us, inspiration in design and quality in construction is our real joy, our real profit!