Alimos 5 – A new A+ energy efficient apartment building

Alimos 5: A new A+ energy efficient apartment building

The ALIMOS 5 Residential Complex, constructed by the company AXIACON at PANI in ALIMOS (4 Theotoki Str.) is a pioneering Residential Construction Project, which is classified in Energy Class A + with minimal energy consumption.
ALIMOS 5 is the 5th Residential Complex implemented by our Company in Alimos. This is a Complex of the highest construction standards.

  • It includes eight houses which are all functionally independent and energy autonomous.
  • It is a seismically shielded construction, environmentally friendly and has the highest energy efficiency class A +.
  • It includes many other energy and ecological innovations that minimize the operating costs of the building.
Alimos 5


Athanasios Chochlidakis
Athanasios Kiratzis

Structural Analyst – Engineer:
Vasilios Nasioulas

Mechanical Engineer:
Panos Kampoukos

3D visualizations:
Dionysios Tsagkaropoulos

Site Engineers:
Panagiotis Moustakas
Alexandros Kiratzis
Ageliki Georgaki

Financial Services:
Sotiris Gousetis
Apostolos Kiratzis

George Kiratzis
Civil Engineer

Τel.: 6974416561

Available apartments

  • Axiacon Alimos 5 apt 1 not available


  • Alimos 5 Apartment 2 Not Available


  • Axiacon Alimos 5 apt 3


  • Axiacon Alimos 5 apt 4


  • Axiacon Alimos 5 apt 5


  • null


  • Alimos 5 Apartment 8 Not Available



Energy Class Α+

The highest Energy Class A+ is achieved through:

  1. Installation of PV solar systems for electricity generation (Net Metering) to be used by each department.
  2. Construction of an external thermal facade (STO Germany) of 10 cm. thick.
  3. Installation of MITSUBISHI ecodan heat pump for low coast heating (underfloor, REHAU Germany) and VRV type air conditioning of the apartment.
  4. Installation of aluminum energy frames (ALUMIL S560) and German Energy Glass Panels (GUARDIAN).
  5. Construction of planted areas throughout the surrounding area on the basement roof (outside the perimeter of the building) and on the roof of the Estate’s building.

High Earthquake Protection

It is achieved by:

  1. Foundation method was determined with MAT Foundation (RADIER).
  2. Selection of concrete C30/37 and use of Anti-seismic Cages.
  3. Continuous Laboratory Tests of concrete and iron from the Official KEDE- Laboratory of the Ministry. Concrete thermometer.
  4. Standard maintenance of concrete. Continuous wetting with burlap laying and use of the SIKA Antisol E concrete enhancing agent.
  5. Corrosion protection of the foundation and the basement walls with the use of the Penetron Admix concrete.
  6. Full compliance with the Concrete Technology Regulation.


  1. The waterproofing of the planted ceilings in the Attic and the Ceiling of the basement is performed using Penetron Admix and additionally with
  2. PmB polyurea of BAYER or TPO membranes (for double protection).
  3. The soundproofing of the bedroom floors, the sewerage pipes and the masonry create a high level of sound insulation in each apartment.
  4. The construction of all the internal masonry contributes to this with the use of 4 layers (2+2) of KNAUF plasterboards with the corresponding insulation of stone wool inside the partitions.
    The construction of the partitions using plasterboard gives great flexibility to the possibility of future amendments and is by nature an anti-seismic construction.

Safety systems

ασφάλεια - safety

  1. High standards alarm system.
  2. Fire detection system in all the areas of the apartment.
  3. Fireproof doors at the entrances of the apartments and warehouses.
  4. Voltage controller to protect all the electrical appliances in the apartment.
  5. Potable water filtering system in each apartment.

Additional energy and operational issues

  1. Electric cars charging system in two parking areas of the apartment.
  2. Installation of smart home systems with operation automations.
  3. Energy-ecological bioethanol fireplace.
  4. KONE electromechanical elevator (Roomless) with automatic doors, automatic release, high speed and low operating costs.
  5. LED lighting and transit sensors in all common areas. The underground parking has high standards for comfortable, safe access and parking of cars.

Documentation- maintenance of the estate

φάκελος ποιότητας - quality dossier

AXIACON delivers to the house owners a detailed Construction File, the Quality file, which is necessary for the support and maintenance of the entire group. It includes:

  • An Integrated Construction File of the building (AS BUILD)
  • Depiction of networks and pipelines (Photos – VIDEO)
  • Full telephone file of workshops and suppliers of the project
  • Certifications- Materials and Workshop Guarantees
  • Construction documents of the project
  • Operation and Maintenance Guide of the Group

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